First trip to Asia (part 1: introduction)

Virginia and I just returned from a week-long trip to visit her father in Seoul. We flew back and forth through Hong Kong, which gave us a night in Macau on the way there and about forty hours in Hong Kong on the way back.

Throughout the trip, we each kept notes as part of remembering the trip. It also lent a little more purpose to my “photography” (in quotes because taking photos on an iPhone is real photography only in skilled hands). Rather than take hundreds of pictures and weed through them later, I tried to be a little more deliberate — “What would I want to remember? What would I say about this later?” I still took more than I’ll post, but it’s in the dozens, which is manageable.

The next few posts will start with the notes and build from there. Hopefully the combination of chronology, reflections, and photos paint a more or less complete picture of our trip.


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