Favorite music of 2020


Bob Mould – Blue Hearts

On the heels of an optimistic Sunshine Rock comes a protest punk album as ferocious as anything in his career.

Grimes – Miss Anthropocene

Five years after Art Angels, Claire Boucher makes the album that brings that album together with Visions in a mostly dark, sometimes uptempo, and always compelling way.

Jeff Rosenstock – N O D R E A M

I came to his music late, with Worry., the first of three acclaimed pop-punk albums in a row. This latest wastes no time establishing itself with huge hooks and rough edges around lyrics both personal and political in nature.


The Beths – Jump Rope Gazers

Throwing Muses – Sun Racket

Bob Dylan – Rough and Rowdy Ways

Tiny Bit of Giant’s Blood – Gigantosaur

Soccer Mommy – color theory

Childish Gambino – 3.15.20

Porridge Radio – Every Bad

Hum – Inlet

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