Burgundy (part 3: the house)

I’m taking a short break from the travelogue to focus on the real star of this trip: the house.


When we first started planning this trip, we decided we wanted to invite people to join us for as much time as they wanted to stay. We put out an initial inquiry, which indicated to us that we might need a big house. Such houses for rental are few and far between, so we determined we should move fast and accept the risk of having too large a house. And we do, though we have visitors for most of our time here.

When we arrived, Virginia led us through the house, as she’d been here for a few hours. And there’s so much house! It has a sitting room, dining room, TV room, kitchen/breakfast table, and six bedrooms (each with its own bathroom).

It also has a courtyard containing flowers, tables, and a hot tub. And best of all (for me at least), IT HAS A CAVE!

What?! Why is that even a thing?

The cave is a cellar, especially well suited to storing wine. And guests have access, so I’m storing our wine there, both for immediate consumption and for taking home.

So far, we’ve spent most of the time in the kitchen (doesn’t everyone?). It’s proven a great place to start the day (coffee, croissants, juice, etc.) and a location to congregate when it’s time to put dinner together.

Basically, we have a castle. It’s kinda absurd and I’m not entirely sure how we’ll go back to our 800-square-foot (74-square-meter) coach house after such immensity. Thankfully that’s a problem for three weeks from now.




  1. What a beautiful house! Enjoy the space (the kitchen is the best!) and your company honey. Your pictures are very good – how about the back garden? Love you!


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